Barefoot Trainers Ashiatsu® programs will prepare students

to safely perform Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage techniques in their practice of

therapeutic massage.

The majority of your class time will be spent focused on learning
the application of Ashiatsu foot massage technique. Overhead parallel

bars are held onto with the hands for balance and support while performing

Ashiatsu. Each student receives a manual that cover all content

covered in the 2-day live course including pictures and full descriptions of

each massage stroke.

What You will learn:

• Seated & standing Ashiatsu Techniques to perform both posterior & anterior Ashiatsu  

  massage. Techniques learned include compression, effleurage, petrissage, myofascial/trigger point 

  release, cross-fiber, & tapotement.

• Proper Ashiatsu Body Mechanics

• Origin and history of Ashiatsu massage
• Benefits and contraindications
• Foot care techniques and exercises
• Ashiatsu for forward head posture and rounded shoulders
• Ashiatsu for low back pain
• Marketing yourselves & Ashiatsu optimally
• Installation of Ashiatsu bars
• Certification

Upon Completion:

• You are awarded 17 CEU and receive a Certificate of Completion for the course.

• Certification & a listing on Barefoot Trainer's Ashiatsu Web Directory are both FREE & discussed at the 

  end of the course.

• Multiple video access options to help you continue advancing your Ashiatsu skills after class.

2 students are required for a course to be able to be held. Students practice on each other. It is best to sign up for the course with at least one other massage therapist because this ensures the course will take place but it is still possible the course will take place if other students sign up.

Students finish this Ashiatsu training course with a sound knowledge and understanding of Ashiatsu massage allowing them to begin practicing independently.

2 main goals to achieve when performing Ashiatsu Massage:

• To apply even pressure strokes throughout the massage. Once practiced this   
   becomes easy to do because you are able to use gravity to apply deeper pressures.

• Your last massage of the day will be just as easy your first massage whether you are   
  giving Swedish or deep tissue massages. The ability to exert less energy while giving   
  a massage, especially deep tissue, is what really sets Ashiatsu massage apart from  
  traditional massage techniques using the hands and arms.

Course Description

Ashiatsu Training Massachusetting Ashiats Class
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