The Graduates Only eLearning Access - Bar Program is only available to students

of a LIVE Barefoot Trainer's Ashiatsu Bar class. This program will help you to

more quickly advance your Ashiatsu skills.


With the purchase of this program you will receive access to videos covering

everything you learned in class plus more. The amount of content covered in

class is limited by the length of the class. Since there are no time constraints

to the eLearning program there are more beginner stroke variations shown than

can be shown in a live class.

Once you have paid and it has been verified that you are a graduate of a Barefoot

Trainer's Ashiatsu Bar live class you will receive your private username and password

giving you access to the streaming HD video content.

Graduates Only eLearning Access - Bar

Ashiatsu Training Massachusetting Ashiats Class
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